How famous athletes, Hollywood stars and billionaire entrepreneurs use techniques born in Silicon Valley to powerfully help improving their physical and mental performance

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Elon Musk


Biology and human technology must merge so that humans can keep pace with technological advances.

Elon Musk Fondatore di Tesla e SpaceX

It's not just about people trying to improve, it's about healthy people who become more efficient, more productive, more intelligent.

- Geoffrey Woo, Silicon Valley tech millionaire
Bill Gates


If I were a young today, I would hack my biology.

Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft

People will surely be disturbed by the fact that the world will be run by a small number of superhumans, who will update and own the various conglomerates that provide these services. The average undeveloped human being will have no political influence.

- Serge Faguet, Silicon Valley tech millionaire
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